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Guide to the Jersey Shore

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“Summer Art” Pine Shores Exhibit in Beach Haven Borough Hall Gallery, Summer 2021
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Hello everyone,

I hope you've enjoyed this sunny and windy weekend and had a Happy Father's day to the Dads in our group.

The Art Chat sessions in July will be on Tuesday, July 5 and July 19th, each at 10am at the Tuckerton Library.

I hope to see you soon,

Nancy Glines

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June 2022

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'Turtle' and 'Monarch' 
by Nancy Glines
Note from Pine Shores President, Tom Rutledge...

A college student working on her thesis once asked me,“Ultimately why do artists paint, draw or sculpt?"  My answer went something like this: "Remember when you were a young child and made your first drawing?  You went to those you trusted most, your parents. They looked and praised your efforts encouraging you to do more, and they may have even put it on the refrigerator, a place of honor at that time. As a result, you felt good inside, happy, and ready to do more. Therefore, when we bring it right down to the basics, we are all looking for approval, not in a prideful way, but acceptance."
    How does knowing this help us?  As artists, it can help us to do our best, not settle, but most importantly it helps us to better understand other artists so we can help and encourage them.

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